Using VPN Service with Mac OS X at Zhejiang University (浙江大学)


In Zhejiang University (浙江大学), they provide Internet Connection Service via L2TP Tunneling VPN. But it only supports Windows Platform(XP or Vista) not works in Mac, Linux Platforms.

On the internet, someone posted Instruction of VPN Connection with Linux (Ubuntu). they tried connect with xl2tpd but osx does not support it. so i tried following steps.

Note: I tried in Leopard (10.5.6) 

  1. Edit /etc/ppp/options
    Mac OS X’s L2TP VPN always uses IPsec encryption. So we should turn off this feature. Add Following Lines to /etc/ppp/options
    plugin L2TP.ppp

  2. Open System Preferences to make VPN Connections
    Server Address:
    Account Name: foobar@a or d or so.
    Open “Authentication Settings” and enter your VPN password in User Authentication field(confirm “Password” checked and keep Machine Authentication field blank, we don’t use IPsec encryption)
  3. Click Apply then connect.

I hope it helps.


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2 thoughts on “Using VPN Service with Mac OS X at Zhejiang University (浙江大学)

  1. Josh

    Works on Snow Leopard, OS X 10.6.1. You need to make sure you check "Send all traffic over VPN connection" as well as the above under the Advanced….—> Options Setting.

  2. Miguel

    Hi!! I going to Zheijiang university in few days… and in the past i could try connect my mac with the VPN and… I couldn’t connect…
    Could you tell me how connect to Zheijiang VPN ?
    I don’t know where is /etc/ppp/options
    THANK YOU!!!!!


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