S60 browser goes iPhone


S60 browser goes iPhone


Network ControlっていうCapabilityを要求するみたいで、Publisher IDを持ってないとダメみたい。。。

Updated on 17 Dec

I like my S60 terminal, why should I identify my browser as iPhone?

This is a good one. S60 terminals outsell iPhone but still iPhone gets all the attention from website owners. If they are ready to make special versions for iPhone minority, wouldn’t it make sense to optimize sites also for S60?

I think the answer is yes.

Now, dear readers, it is your turn: stand up, make noise and contact your favorite website administrators. Tell them that tens of millions S60 users are waiting to get better service than dull text based pages from last millennium. iPhone users already see those pages.

S60 browser goes iPhone

だそうで要は、s60の電話に対応しろ( ゚Д゚)ゴルァ!!と声を上げろと。

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